Our New ‘Art’


Is it just me, or are “celebrities” going the extra mile these days to get our attention? This nouveau art in which Lady Gaga parades around my screen covered only by crime-scene tape; Erykah Badu strips bare in the streets in the name of “evolution” and M.I.A. assaults my gag reflex with bloody scenes of children being rounded up and shot.

Have we become so used to near-nakedness, to violence, to injustice that only shock-and-awe-type videos can get our attention? Or maybe it’s about our attention spans – they only get 3 minutes of our precious time, and we must be made to remember, we must want to watch again?

What happened to inspiring us with wisdom? To provoking the world with wit? Now it’s all ass and tits – in our videos, in our 

cinemas, in our homes, in our heads. It seems as if the more injustice we see; the more resolutely we hold on to our apathy; the thicker we pile on our skin….

Or maybe being at the edge of civilization means teetering on the edge of reason. All the “real” revolutions and heroes and emotions have come and gone before our time and we’re so desperate to feel something, but we’re numbed. And our senses, struck dumb by time, can only scream “More!” More violence, full-frontal nudity and gore!

P.S: I would post the M.I.A video for your viewing (pleasure?), but it was banned from YouTube.


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  1. Ah, and in about a year, I can predict, you will be so disgusted with the entire entertainment culture that you will sell your TV and buy a rolex out of the money. I can see that you are already too far gone to be rescue. At that point, of course, you will be eligible to sign up in my club. 😀

  2. I was just remarking to someone the other day about how only a decade ago Uganda was stunned by the single thigh of Tshala Mwana. Now you can hire full-nudity kimansulo dancers for your Stag Night if you so wish.

    Hopefully, it will all come full circle. People will get sick of perpetual ass and tits and be stunned by simplicity once more. Hopefully.

    • hell, why hire them when they dance at Silk every week for your entertainment?
      Yes indeed- that’s the (optimistic) conclusion I came to with Solomon King: peut-etre our kids/ grandkids will be more subtle 🙂
      thanks for visiting!

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