More Huey! and a new book


The new season of the Boondocks is finally out, and I am positively rabid with excitement at having Huey, Riley, Granddad and (oh!lord) Uncle Ruckus to laugh at again 🙂 I was really hoping they’d kill off Tom Dubois’ uncle-tom-ass in the first episode of S3, but I guess wishes aren’t horses!

The first episode focuses on, what else, the Obama win of 2008, and it manages to be hilarious while delivering a serious message about the new presidency. Everyone in Woodcrest is overly-excited about the new ‘nigga’ president; for various reasons. Sarah DuBois views Obama more as a sex symbol than America’s new hope; Granddad is hoping for special favours since he fought to ‘open the door’ for his fellow black man to be president; Riley thinks he wont have to do any more homework!…

 … everyone except Huey, our jaded 10 yr old revolutionary (retired, now, apparently) who can’t see what difference a Black president will make to America; and uncle Ruckus, of course, the insuperable nigga-hater.


Hilarious in parts (Dick Ridin’ Obama!!), with many clever cultural references that reflect what many black Americans were feeling in 2008. But it’s also depressing in other parts… I’m guessing McGruder (whose views are largely expressed via Huey) wasn’t very keen on OBeezy taking the White House?

In book-news, I am currently making my snail-pace-way through Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I am yet to produce coherent thoughts on my last read, Ngugi’s Decolonising, but it’s coming soon, hopefully.

I have Uwem Akpan’s Say You’re One of Them lined up next, and itching to get started … it’s been a while since I read African fiction.


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  1. Lol! I love these guys. Couldnt wait for the first episode of the new season. Much as I dont particularly like Uncle Ruckus for obvious reasons, I also love him, but sometimes really just wanna kill him. Shame this is the final season tho.

  2. Did you get to Uwem Akpan yet? Now there was an author I thought was pretentious. I only managed to get through his first story. Can’t wait to hear your take on his book.

  3. Really? I just began the book. I’m naturally biased towards African writers, but I will try to stay objective 🙂 Should be done by week’s end!

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