It’s never too early…


… for some shameless promotion! 

Some infinitely awesome cousins and friends of mine are putting out a line of  T-shirts that celebrate our Ugandanness in a very stylish funky wicked way. They feature Ugandan-isms such as potholes, katogo, kapintos (a.k.a makansi) and of course, matooke. Every tee has a tongue-in-cheek pronunciation and explanation of the image featured. Love it 😀

Peep game:

Check out the page on facebook for details on price, sizes and where they will be sold. As if being Ugandan could get any cooler 🙂

*end of announcement*


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  1. Gwe, some of the t-shirts I see in their pictures on FB are not listed on their website. I need to make an order like already. I need to try ‘em on, and see the entire batch. Nothing on their website mentions where they are located (although I suspect it is somewhere in Wandegeya). Pray tell.

    • hey, hope im not too late with this info (i’ve also left it at your blog)… office is at Serena hotel, the conference side. I forget the room number but ask for Kinaya advertising. They do deliveries as well!
      Call 0792 447 686.

  2. I was there! I picked up two tees, and took an obscured photo for their Wall of Fame (my face is not shown, because I want them to keep their Facebook friends if they put my picture up–but I bet people who know me will be able to know who that is).
    Anyway … they did not have some of the designs I was hell-bent on getting, so I ended up with two (“Wandegeya”, and “UGX”); someday, I will be back there for more. I think I deserve a good Ugandan tee after five years of wearing only Ugandan-made t-shirts and therefore wearing shit! 🙂

    • hahaha! indeed, good locally made ones are hard to find. Did i mention that all the fabric and labour is homegrown too? Im so proud of this brand and you are a star for supporting!

      I got a BANANGE (*OMG) tee, but i just must go back to get POTHOLE!

      They are still designing and producing so feel free to give ideas for what you want on your shirts!
      I’ll look out for the photo 🙂

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