Coming out of the Musical closet


Every once in a while, my brain likes to shock me. Usually it does this by refusing to think of a witty comeback in time, or failing to pick something intelligent to contribute to a conversation with someone I am trying to impress, and other times by taking to something my heart swore it would never be caught alive enjoying.

Yes, I have strict rules on what’s likeable and non-likeable. It’s my replacement for Principles.

Justin Beiber, for instance. Non-likeable pre-teen twat with zero talent and my brain complied on that one. Avocado and bacon sandwiches, completely likeable loveable and that is never going to change.

When Brain does not co-operate, I find myself eating cheese and jam, bobbing my head to that song of Miley Cyrus, and singing along to Glee.

Yep. My latest obsession is a group of singing high school misfit teens (read young-faced twenty-something actors) whose only preoccupation is winning the ‘regionals’, climbing up the popularity ladder and getting as much pre-marital sex as possible on the way there.

I am not in it for the story line though, and that’s what is shocking me. It’s the music. It’s the 80s pop songs I’d forgotten about, it’s the Broadway tunes, it’s the mash-ups (a word I had never said aloud until this weekend). This from someone who only saw Grease because what else was there to do on rainy afternoon of a school holiday in the mid-90s? I lost a modicum of respect for Queen Latifah after Hairspray and I never as much as touched a High School Musical dvd for fear of contracting something contagious.

But that’s the thing – Glee is infectious, dammit. Besides the music, I love it because I can relate to being a high school oddball. I love Sue Sylvester and the spiteful passion she puts into her pointless rivalry against the Glee club teacher (a washed-up Justin Timberlake wannabe). And how can you not love lines like:

You know, for me trophies are like herpes. You can try to get rid of them but they just keep coming. Sue Sylvester has hourly flair ups of burning itchy highly contagious talent.

Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?

The way to get a man to follow you forever, take his virginity. Madonna wrote a song about it.

And thus, I spent much of my weekend infront of a laptop, singing myself hoarse and enjoying every minute of it. Positively gleeful 🙂


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  1. I was at Dee’s place, one weekend, and she made us watch glee, her and her American friends. It was the latest one that had dropped. Thing is, I am still feeling guilty about not having hated it entirely.
    The way that old lady teacher harangues the silly little gay boy, that was classic. “There is only one person in the World who tells you what you are worth deep down; and do you know who that is?”
    “No. Me.”

  2. Also from the ‘old lady teacher’:
    “No one quits the Cheerios (cheerleading team). Either you die or I kick you off” LOL 😀

  3. Oh, I watch Glee, unashamedly every week. 😀 I also hear Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus on the radio–and alas!–sometimes forget to grimace.

    I think, other than the music (or perhaps because of it), Glee re-awakens youth in a brilliantly entertaining way.

    Finally, have you seen this kid?

  4. I have watched Glee under duress. Like two episodes. It was like someone peeling the skin off my body REALLY slowly.

    It was like listening to Vogon poetry.

    It was like… you get the drift.

  5. Princess, yeah I saw this kid on Ellen. My jaw dropped when he started singing! He’s like what would happen if a Gaga demon possessed Beiber’s body lol

    King, that’s cold, man! Vogon poetry! KMT 🙂

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