Of shockers and fickle fans


Since I last posted, Cameroon played a dissapointing game, conceding a goal to Japan; Cote d’Ivoire put up a worthy fight against Portugal in a goalless draw; and South Africa surpassed the expectations of even the most cynical naysaying Bafana-hater by playing a dismal 3-0 game with Uruguay.

We get that Uruguay is a pretty good national team. There doesn’t seem to be a South American country that can’t hold its own football-wise.

We get that the South Africans, on the other hand, suck. Only 4 of the players play internationally; they’ve lost several games on the continent; and even the locals don’t take them very seriously, often telling jokes such as:

Virgin wanted to sponsor the team’s uniforms. SAFA refused, saying Bafana can’t wear the word ‘virgin’ when they keep getting f*cked in every game  🙂

But no one could have seen yesterday’s Epic Fail coming. It’s funny just the other day I enthused to someone about loving the unpredictability of football so much. Heh. And now there they are, Khune-less, Pienaar-less, quite possibly Parriera-less, and deserted by many less loyal fans. And up against France, to boot.

Me, I have jumped the South Africa ship, along with all the other fans who put their vuvuzelas down and walked out of the stadium. No doubt. I can’t help feeling sorry for the host nation – with numerous complaints from international players about the vuvuzela noise, about the sub-standard Jabulani ball, and now this? The ke nako! slogan almost seems like a sad mockery!

But I haven’t given up completely – I’m still waving my Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire flags furiously. I don’t expect an African team to win the World Cup, but we are going to give the others a run for it!


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  1. Oh wow. You totally just deleted my comment along with the last post. Lol.

    I didn’t watch the South Africa game but I heard something about their goalie getting a red card. Was that true? If it is, then: my, how painfully ridiculous! And that 3 margin loss, well…

  2. ooh, my badness. This post showed eventually, so the other one didn’t make sense 🙂
    Yep, u heard right. Their goalie- who is like the team’s cornerstone- was fouled and red-carded. His sub is nowhere near as good, clearly. It’s just late for Bafana, basically.
    Ah well…

  3. Haha. You had me doubled over in fits of laughter with that Virgin joke. Truth be told though, I didnt fancy South Africa’s chances of making it out the group stages. Gone are those days when they were a continental powerhouse – not even sure a short run qualifies you for that tag, but as it is, where they are at now, is pretty much where I expected them to be, so I’m not crushed.

    The other African nations dont seem to have the same threat that African nations once did that made the world sit up and make FIFA bump up the number of spots Africa got given in the World Cup. I’m still keeping my hopes up for Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana too though.

    • heh. least we got some good jokes out of that disaster, eh? Yep, still keen on Ghana n CIV as well… both matches tomorrow, so it’s either going to be a very awesome day or a really bad one. Hopefully the former 🙂

  4. Lol the virgin joke… you should have a look at what the British press are doing to their team as well.

    I just watched Cameroon being kicked out of the cup. I wonder which Africans will be next.

    • This World Cup… too full of drama! Cameroon has done miserably thus far, and last night’s Brazil-CIV game was shocking. I have no idea what these refs are up to!
      Sigh. Looks like we’ll be seeing the same ol’ teams in the quarter finals again 😦

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