Look, a post with no football-talk!


I thought I’d let up on the FIFA chats for now. We’re launching our Resource Center at my work this evening. It’s kind of been my pet project, and there’s going to be diplomats and other fancy types and everything better go right or I will set myself on fire and kill everything that’s moving.

I’m not nervous, though.

Also, bungee-jumping with friends tomorrow. Wheeee!!! I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and certain people in the past have told me to go jump off a cliff so figured I’d take them up on it. Must remember to carry camera.

And now, an important message from the Cookie Monster:

damn straight


Happy weekend all!


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    • Haha there was no setting of self on fire. The work launch went great, everything as planned.
      The bungee launch was scary, exhilarating, painful, hilarious all at once! Pics and video soon. Can’t wait to do it again!! 😀

  1. No footie commentary? boooooooooo!!!

    So when can we see those pics & video?

    As for bungie-jumping, did it with my mum at Vic Falls (Yes mum as in my mother). She went first (you’re probably thinking I chickened out, you judgemental book-worm but I was being a gentleman.. ladies first!). Anyways, she came back up and it looked fairly easy so I took the plunge.
    See, I’m 6ft 3 and she’s 5 ft 2 max and it was during rainy season so the Zambezi river’s water levels were a bit higher than expected so the top of my head touched the water on the way down. I come back up and asked the Bungie-dudes: “WTF! My head almost went in the river?!” and all they could say was: “Well luckily it didnt, there are crocodiles down there especially this time of year.”

    All in all, bungie jumping was fun. I’m itching to try parachuting or base-jumping next. Have you done it already?

    • You sometimes quote your mom on facebook, and I always thought ‘she sounds cool’. But now I know she’s Awesome 🙂 LOL at the bungee dudes… that could have ended badly!
      Base-jumping looks like serious fun, i’d love to try that.
      I’ll get the video up in a couple days!

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