now ‘ear dis! (and a post with a lot of apostrophes)


These Nigerians might be losing their World Cup games, but they are bringing it on the music front. In the car this morning, I listened to a J. Martins (or Jay Martins – it’s spelled differently on some sites) song – Iyanya. It reminded me somewhat of Bracket’s Yori Yori, but that’s okay because I love that song and two of them is definitely not a bad thing!

There’s D’Banj’s song Igwe (released in 2008, but we’re only hearing now) a fast-paced big-up to his Nigerian fans – if my understanding of pidgin is any good. I am liking this one too, very reminiscent of something from Femi Kuti.

Nneka’s latest album Concrete Jungle, her first US release. You might not know Nneka in other parts of Africa unless you watch TRACE or VOX Africa every once in a while. She’s a young Nigerian-German who sings in Igbo and English. My favorites off this one are Kangpe (“God no go give you anyting you no go fit deal wit”!) and Heartbeat.

The legendary Nigerian-Britsh Sade (OBE, apparently) has Soldier of Love out; after making us wait 10 years since Lovers’ Rock. I have yet to give the whole album a good listen, but so far, Babyfather does not disappoint!

And now for some humble-pie-eating: I dissed Distant Relatives before I’d really listened to it. My take being, “what do millionaire rap star Nas and a successful spawn of Bob Marley know about the suffering of Africans?! Pssh”. But that album has substance, most of the songs are driven and conscious with some ridiculous beats 🙂 Listen to Tribes at War, Africa Must Wake Up(both featuring K’Naan), Strong Will Continue and Patience*.

The chorus is in Bambara, the English translation is:

“Patience is worth everything/ Patience is good/ If you love someone, patience is worth everything”


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  1. I havent yet listened to the Nas/Damien Marley album but I will soon as. Nas still is one of my favorate rappers out there. If you get past the street grammar (that alotta people have a major problem with before giving hip-hop a chance) in his lyrics, then you’ll realize how much sense he actually speaks. Save for 2Pac and Ice Cube, he’s the one rapper I keep listening to over and over, so I’ll give this a chance.

    And Sade, ahh, its so good to hear her again after so long. If you havent given the whole album a chance yet, then i’d highly recommend you do. I’d only really caught onto “Moon & the stars” till I sat down one evening to finally listen to the whole album. I ended up downloading the whole album. It doesnt disappoint at all. “In Another Time” has got to be my favorate track on it by far.

    • Nas is real. none of this Lil Wayne, Drake business (though they’re good for the club 🙂 )
      Thanks for the Sade recommend… I must sit down and listen to the whole album, this weekend.

  2. Nas has been way out there longer than most kids would even ever know. And because his shit is deep, it never gets played. He is rather … Afrocentric, but that has never been a fault. 😀
    A friend got the album when it landed. The cover is rich. Damian is finally growing into his beard. 😀

  3. I got the Sade the day it landed. I’m wicked like that. It’s yet to grow on me, though. I’ve been away from that particular player for quite a while.
    It seemed to lack a song that would do for me, this time, what Slave Song and Love is What the Word Was and By Your Side did for me the last time.

    • They played Nah Mean at Iguana on friday night. I went nuts. Proper. 🙂
      I prefer Damian’s verses on most other songs though. He is a wise man.

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