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‘The guiding spirit is creative innovation’


This morning, I watched my one-and-a-half year old nephew “paint a picture” – that is in quotes because all he did was make a beautiful random mess of colours all over the paper. He was at this for about fifteen minutes; and then he stared at it for a moment, looked at me, grabbed the cup of water (we were using water paints) and poured it all over his masterpiece and walked away. Hilarious!

Every time I see him, I ascribe a new calling for him – today it’s tortured genius 🙂

And now I could launch into a reflective homily on how easily we let go of the consciousness of the beauty of life; of how we lose sight of the what-the-fuck of it all as we grow older, but instead I will be kind and plug and share an opportunity from Kenyan literary magazine Kwani? to be a published short-story author!

Kwani? wants any African under the age of 30 to write and submit a short story on the (very generous, methinks) theme The Africa I Live In. Details here.