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Random Friday mind-vomit :

  • My head feels cavernously empty and my stomach full to the brim. I owe this strange feeling to an hour of sleep last night and an opulent Ethiopian meal at lunch today.
  • I owe that one hour of sleep to my colic nephew who kept us all up with incessant braying, refusing to be nursed or cooed or threatened into sleep. But I’m not mad at him. He’s too cute for that.
  • … hey wait a minute, we didn’t try alcohol. I swear next time (tonight) I am lacing that milk with hard liquor Baileys, and then no one in my office will squint their eyes at my bloodshot ones, mind-judging me for being up to all sorts of imagined raunch and debauchery on a Thursday night.
  • But now any mother reading this is mind-judging me for my proposed nefarious plan. Whatever. He’ll drink alcohol eventually, anyway.
  • So I stayed up watching Year One which I recommend highly to ye that haven’t seen it. Jack Black, Michael Cera. That usually translates to hilarious.
  • Especially in Nacho Libre. But not so much in that film where he was a radioactive weirdo.
  • I think my mind thinks more coherently when I’m sleep-deprived than when I’m not. It’s probably the same science behind how drunk people sometimes drive ‘safer’ than sober people.
  • When I’m not sleep-deprived, it’s been said that I exhibit ADHD tendencies. Such lies.  I have the attention span of a … of a thing with a long and enviable attention span.
  • I want alcohol.