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Of shockers and fickle fans


Since I last posted, Cameroon played a dissapointing game, conceding a goal to Japan; Cote d’Ivoire put up a worthy fight against Portugal in a goalless draw; and South Africa surpassed the expectations of even the most cynical naysaying Bafana-hater by playing a dismal 3-0 game with Uruguay.

We get that Uruguay is a pretty good national team. There doesn’t seem to be a South American country that can’t hold its own football-wise.

We get that the South Africans, on the other hand, suck. Only 4 of the players play internationally; they’ve lost several games on the continent; and even the locals don’t take them very seriously, often telling jokes such as:

Virgin wanted to sponsor the team’s uniforms. SAFA refused, saying Bafana can’t wear the word ‘virgin’ when they keep getting f*cked in every game  🙂

But no one could have seen yesterday’s Epic Fail coming. It’s funny just the other day I enthused to someone about loving the unpredictability of football so much. Heh. And now there they are, Khune-less, Pienaar-less, quite possibly Parriera-less, and deserted by many less loyal fans. And up against France, to boot.

Me, I have jumped the South Africa ship, along with all the other fans who put their vuvuzelas down and walked out of the stadium. No doubt. I can’t help feeling sorry for the host nation – with numerous complaints from international players about the vuvuzela noise, about the sub-standard Jabulani ball, and now this? The ke nako! slogan almost seems like a sad mockery!

But I haven’t given up completely – I’m still waving my Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire flags furiously. I don’t expect an African team to win the World Cup, but we are going to give the others a run for it!